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L Cube Consulting ~ Privacy Statements

 1.  General Statement:

L Cube Consulting undertakes the collection and processing of your personal data with the responsibility of protecting your personal data in compliance with Malaysia’s laws and regulations pertaining to personal data protection where applicable.

Your personal details and information are collected through your voluntary submission of such data done via L Cube Consulting’s website at, email, application form, resume submission, postal delivery or in person. Such data or information may or not be retained by L Cube Consulting and if not retained, may be destroyed.

L Cube Consulting ‘s processing of any of your sensitive personal data such as but not limited to,  your health, personal beliefs is done with your consent that such personal data may be required to meet the objectives of your submission or to enable L Cube Consulting to fulfill its business purposes of processing such data. 

  1. Your Assent

By clicking or responding to any means as provided in our website, you have agreed to our Privacy Statement as published in our website. Should you disagree with any part of this Privacy Statement, you should not submit any of your personal data and if you have already submitted, you may contact L Cube Consulting via e mail to submit your request to have your personal data, if at all retained, to be deleted. 

  1. Notice and Choice Principle

L Cube Consulting may be required to collect personal data from you during  your interactons with us or for the purpose of our business activities. Such personal data may include (but not limited to) name as in your national identity card or passport, preferred name, identity/passport number, age, contact numbers, residential address, email address, birth date, gender, race, nationality, occupation, job title,, information of spouse/children such as name and birth date, your company’s details, religious beliefs or other personal beliefs, for the purposes which the personal data is collected.

The personal data provided by you to L Cube Consulting may be processed by us for the following purposes:

  • to administer the business or representation relationship between L Cube Consulting and you;
  • to communicate with you;
  • to administer customer relationship management procedures;
  • to conduct research, study, assessment, survey and/or prepare reports/statistics for purpose of L Cube Consulting’s business activities;
  • to respond to your enquiries;
  • to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements applicable to L Cube Consulting, and to make disclosure under the requirements of any law, regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular or code applicable to L Cube Consulting;
  • for recruitment of employees;
  • for L Cube Consulting’s internal record keeping; and/or
  • other lawful business activities of L Cube Consulting.
  • 4.The personal data provided by you to us may, if required, be disclosed to the following classes of third parties:
  • L Cube Consulting’s subsidiaries within or outside Malaysia;
  • Cube Consulting’s sub-contractors or third-party service or product providers as may be determined by L Cube Consulting to be necessary or appropriate;
  • regulatory bodies, government bodies or other authorities if required or authorized to do so to discharge any regulatory function under any law or in relation to any order or judgment of a court;
  • any person to whom L Cube Consulting is compelled or required to do so under the law; and/or
  • our partners.
  • Generally, the personal data processed by L Cube Consulting is collected from you or provided by a third party to us for the above-mentioned purposes.
  • Please note that your personal data is necessary for us to carry out the aforesaid purposes. The failure to supply such personal data will or may result in:
  • us being unable to administer the business or contractual relationship between us and you;
  • us being unable to provide you with information about the activities, products, services;
  • us being unable to provide you with information about the products, services, opportunities offered by selected third parties which may interest you.

4.  Disclosure Principle

You are assured that L Cube Consulting will not disclose your personal data to any third party without your consent and only for the purpose for which you have voluntarily submitted your personal data or to meet with our business objectives. 

5. Security Principle                        

We take reasonable precautions to protect your information when you submit your personal data via the website however as the website is a result of a combination of utilization of various internet and website tools which are developed and or provided by other third party vendors over whom we have no control whatsoever thus we will not be liable for any damages or implications as a result of any security breach which are beyond our control.

Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, customer service, updates) are granted access to personally identifiable information.

6.  Retention Principle

Your personal data such as your resume, may or may not be retained by us and having served its purpose, may be destroyed.                                                                                       

7.  Data Integrity Principle

You are expected to submit your personal data that are accurate, complete and updated and we may seek confirmation of your submitted personal data directly from you and other relevant sources as part of our verification procedures. If any part of your personal data has been found inaccurate, incomplete or out-dated, we may destroy your personal data.

8.  Access Principle

You are encouraged to email us your updated personal data at any time or if you decide to delete your personal data you can email your request to us. Only requests made via email will be accepted as it would enable us to track and monitor such requests.

9.  Policy Updates and Your Feedback

On a need-to basis, we may update our Privacy Policy  and we will encourage you to regularly check for such updates by visiting our website.

Should you need any clarification or wish to provide any feedback regarding our Private Policy or your personal data, contact us in writing via our official email address.

Contact Us:

 Email:  [email protected]

Tel:  +603 9212 8503