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Character Analysis 

Get the added advantage of knowing your candidates and employees better with the use of Character Analysis tool which would provide valuable insights based on personality traits analysis.

Clients include: an international airline, specialty chemicals, health products manufacturer, international chain hotel among others.

L Cube Consulting is pleased to provide complimentary Character Analysis for retained search assignments (Terms & Conditions apply)

Below are some of the feedback received:

  • A global hotel chain, HR Director:

I can relate the Character Analysis report which was done for one of my staff whom we have identified for promotion to a senior management position. When shown to the staff concerned, he accepted the handwriting analysis as very reflective of himself – especially the ‘red flags’. The staff concerned was promoted.

  • A multi-national petro-chemical organization, HR Manager:

We used the Character Analysis in our selection of a chauffeur for our new expatriate managing director and after 4 years, we find the Character Analysis report to be still relevant and applicable to the candidate whom we have employed.

  • An international airline:

Used the Character Analysis to aid in evaluating short-listed candidates for senior executive positions.

  •  A global multi-national manufacturer:

Used Character Analysis as a behavioural approach in assessment, recruitment and selection and as part of assessment centre requirement.

  • A Heart Specialist Hospital:

Short-listed candidates for CEO position with the insights provided by Character Analysis

Key Advantage – Accuracy is not subject to the candidate’s level of education

The beauty of Character Analysis is: it is not subject to the educational background of a candidate hence any level of staff can be profiled as compared to most profiling tools that are based on questionnaires and thus their accuracy is dependent on the understanding / interpretation of the questions/statements by the candidate.

For retained search assignments, Character Analysis is provided FREE for the final 2 shortlisted candidates (Terms and Conditions apply)

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