Case Studies

Section A: Executive Search Case Studies

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Case Study 1: Where and how did you get this candidate ?

Case Study 2: Character Analysis : “Ask Lawrence, he knew all about me.”


 Case Study 1: Where  And  How  Did  You  Get  This  Candidate?

Clients  are  often  curious  on  how  and  where  L  Cube  gets  our  candidates.

Recruiters  generally  obtain  their  candidates  through  advertising  or  traditional media  and online  platforms  as  well  as  rely  on  their  internal  database.  Whilst  this is  the  fastest  way  to obtain  candidates,  the  results  yield  might  not  be  the  most effective.

At  L  Cube  Consulting,  we  use  more  than  the  traditional  methods of  obtaining  candidates.  Our unconventional  search  selection  ensures  our  success  in  securing  the rightfit  candidate  for  the  job.

 Case Study 2: Character Analysis* – “Ask Lawrence, he knew all about me.”

One  of  my  clients  invited  me  to  sit  in  on  one  of  their  final  interviews.  As  part  of  the  initial  warm up,  my  client  asked  the  candidate  to  tell  us  about  himself.  The  candidate  answered:  “Ask Lawrence,  he  knows  all  about  me!”.

As  one  of  our  value-added  deliverables,  we  provide  the  client  complimentary Character Analysis*  for  all  our  retained  search  assignments.  In  addition  to  ensuring  the  candidate  is  right for  the  role,  the  Character  Analysis  ensures  that  the  candidate  selected  shares  the  same  values and  beliefs  of  the  organization.

Often,  the  candidate  would  agree  to  our  Character  Analysis  report.  Hence  the candidate’s answer:  “Ask  Lawrence,  he  knows  all  about  me!”.

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Section B: Management & Leadership Case Studies:

Case Study 1:

Is Product or Industry Experience Critical For Turning Around A Company?

The best person to answer the above question is none other than Louis Gerstner,

Initially, Gerstner was not interested in the job at IBM, believing that, as a nontechnical person, he was unqualified.(Forbes)

In 1993, after only a few weeks as the new CEO, Gerstner  came out of an 8-hour meeting on strategy, he realized that he did not understand a thing!

IBM was losing billions of dollars with a total of 300,000 employees then. Gerstner recalled that few people even understood how close IBM was to running out of cash.(Forbes)

Gerstner considered being an outsider was to his advantage. He had practically zero experience with the IT business as he was previously working with McKinsey & Co., American Express Company, and RJR Nabisco. Totally different products and industries!

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. served as chief executive officer and chairman of the board of IBM Corporation from April 1993 to March 2002 and chairman until his retirement in December 2002 (IBM)

Gerstner, without any experience in the product or industry as IBM’s succeeded to turn IBM around. Yet many HR Managers, hiring managers, recruiters, are fixated with their perceived idea that product or industry experience is mandatory in their selection of candidates! They see the trees but miss the forest!

L Cube Consulting goes beyond the standard script of such so-called mandatory basic requirement.

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