2020 FREE Soft Skills Training


2020 FREE Soft Skills Training For Students & Fresh Graduates

Choose any of the following soft skills programmes:

  • Entrepreneurship – 3 days
  • Writing Business Plans- 2 days
  • Business Communication- 2 days
  • Presentation Skills- 2 days
  • Recruitment Skills / Talent Acquisition – 2 days
  • Advance Selection Methodology- 2 days
  • Behavioural Interview Skills – 2 days
  • Basic HRM Skills – 2 days
  • Effective Selling Skills – 2 days
  • Academic Writing – 1 day
  • Leadership Skills for Newly Promoted Supervisors- 2 days


  • Training duration is from 9 am to 5 pm each day
  • Programme details will be provided when you are selected for an interview.


  • Possible part or full time opportunity for those who qualify
  • 100% free for those with evidence (eg family income) to support their application..


  • Must be a post-secondary/college/university student or a fresh/recent graduate below 30 years old with less than 3 years working experience.
  • Speak and write good English

Application Process:

Apply with your updated cv and a cover letter stating your choice of up to three of the above listed soft skills you want to learn and your reason/s for your choices.

If short-listed, to attend at least one interview (initially via skype or phone) and need to pass a simple assessment.

Email your updated cv with a cover letter (stating your choice/s) to [email protected]@lcube.online asap

Or submit your details in the form below: